Eviction Movers and Assistance Services

Eviction Moving and Storage Services to assist the people in eviction procedure Alpha REO Services, along with its wholly owned subsidiary Alpha Moving & Storage, are a fully licensed and insured eviction service provider. We work with your legal team, REO agent, and local sheriff to ensure a smooth and orderly transition of occupancy. Naturally, we also abide by all applicable local ordinances and legal requirements. We posses the ability and know-how to properly pack, load and store the defaulted tenant’s personal property, when such services are needed. Once the personals have been removed, we proceed to secure the property. All locks and dead-bolts are replaced/re-keyed, windows and doors are properly boarded when necessary, all debris/trash is removed, and the property is thoroughly cleaned and winterized as needed. Our Property Preservation Division then makes sure that the property is constantly maintained and preserved until sold.

We are fully licensed by the States of NY and NJ to perform Eviction Moving & Storage Services. We also carry and maintain all necessary insurance coverage including but not limited to Field Services Errors & Omissions, General Liability, Auto Liability and Worker’s Comp. We will provide you with a certificate entailing all of our coverage, and naming your firm as an additional insured when needed.

Eviction Services

  • Mold Remediation
  • Oil tank removal
  • Pool draining
  • Roofing Repairs
  • Water damage repairs
  • Winterization
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Stress-Free Eviction Procedures

We are fully aware that the eviction process can be awkward and requires the professional touch of an experienced eviction contractor. When required, we work carefully to see to it that the defaulted occupant understands who we are and what we are there to accomplish. When handling each task, we possess a vast experience to draw from, and ensure that the sensitive issues related an eviction move are handled with care. When it comes to debris removal, health hazards and items which may cause infestation risks are provided top priority. All debris is disposed of at a licensed waste facility. Items requiring special disposal (tires, oil, chemicals, paint, appliances) are handled separately and disposed of in accordance with applicable local, state and federal regulations. Your special project needs will always be handled by a qualified, trained member of our team. We will not subcontract this critical aspect of your project.

We understand that documentation of actual work performed is critical. We will always provide before and after digital photography of all work performed. We utilize state-of-the-art tracking and management software to organize and record all work previously done so you can rest assured knowing that the details of your project are being recorded and constantly managed in a timely and efficient manner, and that backup documentation is always readily available at your request.


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